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New Class for the Championship!

In an effort to encourage more American Riders this year, the FIM has now added a “Guest Class” to this year’s World Trial Championship!

Guest Class:

This will allow for a greater number of American Riders to participate in the World Trial Championship.  This 5th Class requires the rider to be over age 16, and compete on a 125 cc Bike.  The Guest Class will ride the Green line.  This will allow riders who are not looking for World Championship Points to compete in a World Championship event with their international peers.

To Register you will need the following:


–> Entry Form with the AMA Stamp

–> Start Permission delivered by the AMA

–> Paddock Entry Form

–> Entry Fee – Payable by Credit Card, PayPal or Check(make payable to TTC).


This will give the “Guest Class” Competitors an opportunity to compete with some of the most outstanding Trials Riders in the World, and we hope you take them up on it!   We encourage you to make the most of this and show the world what American Riders can do!


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