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Sponsor Update 2: Chig-R-Block

Hey out there,

We just wanted to give you a heads up about one of our Sponsors/Vendors at the World Competition.  Not only will these guys have a booth at the event, but they are also donating 100 sample tins for the Rider Gift Bags!

If you are worried about the bugs in TN, now you don’t have to be scared, this product will help ward off chiggers, ticks, mosquito’s and more.  Just rub in their designated spots, and head off in the woods for a fun filled day of World Competitors!

Chig-R-Block – These guys sell some amazing bug repellent   All natural, and works wonders!  Be prepared for the great outdoors, chiggers are the worst, and this stuff will help block em out.   You can use it as repellent, or as treatment for bug bites and poison ivy, oak, ect.   Make sure you stop by their booth and get your block on!   Check out their website at chiggerblock.com


1 comment to Sponsor Update 2: Chig-R-Block

  • Beth Long-Gibson

    Hello Robert,
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this weekend SO MUCH more enjoyable! I didn’t get BUGGED not ONCE! I will proudly promote and recommend your Chig R BLOCK products. Take care. Till we meet again!