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Photo album: riders studying the sections

The first loop involves a lot of analysis of the sections, especially by the riders in the Championship class. See the album of 17 photos or this slideshow:

Riders’ departure schedule – Saturday

Saturday departure schedule - youth Saturday departure schedule - juniors and champs

  • Left: The Youth go out first today, starting with Andrew Oldar at 9:44 am. Subsequent riders depart at two-minute intervals.
  • Right: Juniors go out next, starting with Cody Webb at 10:16 am. Championship class follows, with Daniel Oliveras departing at 10:42. Last rider out is Adam Raga at 11 am, finishing at 4:30 pm.

Rider section inspection

I had some techie tasks and couldn’t get out to take photos of riders inspecting the sections this afternoon… except for these photos of Section 15 at the end the day.

IMG_3418 IMG_3416 IMG_3415 IMG_3412

Right photo: Hey, manicuring!

Practice session video

Here’s a 32-minute video clip of yesterday afternoon’s practice session. Apologies for the rough editing and small size.

  • The first 15 minutes or so take place in the main TTC practice area with the large logs and rocks. It primarily features Toni Bou, though several other riders can be seen.
  • The second 15 minutes take place in the hillside practice area behind the cabins. It primarily features Adam Raga, with clips of Takahisa Fujinami, Marc Freixa, Albert Cabestany, and at the end, Patrick Smage.

Photo album: practice session

I took a dozen photos and nearly an hour of video of today’s practice session. (I’ll edit the video and upload it later tonight.) See the album or this slideshow: