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Location / Directions

The Trial Training Center (TTC) is located just outside the small town of Sequatchie, TN, about an hour from Chattanooga.

  • The town of Sequatchie has a latitude of 85.637084 and longtitude: 35.163396
  • GPS coodinates for the Trials Training Center: N 35.08.357 and W 085.36.564

Here’s a live Google map with two routes to the TTC highlighted. You can print from the larger version of this map.

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Scan the QR code above into your smartphone to quickly take the Google map with you.

Download this PDF for all the driving directions below, including photos. It’s suitable for printing.)

Directions to the TTC

1. From Chattanooga, take I-24 west for about 30 miles to Exit #155 (Jasper/Hwy 28). Go north (right) on Hwy. 28, a 4-lane divided highway.

After 2 miles, the 4-lane becomes a 2-lane highway, and at 2.6 miles, you’ll see a Trials Training Center sign on the right.

Go west (left) on Mel Dixon Road for about 1.2 miles and you’ll come to stop sign at a T, with another TTC sign by the fence, a cemetery on your right. Here’s what you’ll see:


Turn north again (right) on Betsy Pack Drive/Valley View Hwy. After 1.3 miles, you’ll get to the town of Sequatchie.


From the center of Sequatchie, keep going another mile and you’ll see another TTC sign on the right as you approach the intersection with Coppinger Cove Road (with a large white Coppinger Cove Baptist Church sign). Photo:


Go west (left) on Coppinger Cove Road for another 1.2 miles. You’ll see another TTC sign as you pass the Baptist Church. Go south (left) on the winding, narrow gravel road (called Woodland Road but there’s no sign) and follow that for about a half mile (staying left the entire way) to the TTC camping area, with the lodge at the very end.


2. From Nashville, take I-24 southeast about 100 miles to Exit #152 (Kimball/Jasper/Hwy 64). Go northeast (left) on Hwy. 64 for 4.4 miles to Jasper.


At the main intersection in Jasper (Court House Square), take a left (north) onto Betsy Pack Drive/Hwy 41. After 1.2 miles, Hwy 41 veers west (left) to Tracy City but DO NOT FOLLOW it. Continue straight north. You’ll see a TTC sign on the left and road sign “Whitwell 10, Dunlap 25” for those towns. Sequatchie is unincorporated so it’s not included but if it was, it would say “Sequatchie 2.”

img_2209 img_2211

Continue north on Betsy Pack Drive (it turns into Valley View Hwy. after Mel Dixon Road) for 2.1 miles to Sequatchie. See above “From the center of Sequatchie…” for the remaining directions.

Here’s a simple map: