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Let me know if you have or find good photos or video that I can link to. Here’s what the Google Alerts service has found for me so far:

Media coverage: Honda World News


Bou and Fujinami take a win and second place apiece in the USA.

Bou and Fujinami in Section 9, Loop 1 on Sunday: You make the call!

Section captain (left photo) from Indiana, Bill ??,  had a couple of tough calls to make on World Champions Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami on Sunday at “House Rock.” (Bou and Fuji were the only riders to even attempt this section the first loop.)

Bill from IndianaBou markerfuji-rock-sshot

  • Bou had taken one point till he was given a five for his rear wheel going outside the marker near the exit (center screenshot). Watch the video carefully at the 1:20 mark.
  • Fujinami ran out of time. Did he five it anyway before time ran out? Watch the video carefully at the 2:25 mark. And watch how Fuji gets over the large, angled pointy rock (right screenshot) prior to the final obstacle at the 2:15 mark.

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Click play to watch.  3 minutes.

More video clips coming

I head back to Minnesota in the morning (to the winter that never quits). I’ll have access to a faster internet connection and should have a few more video clips loaded by Wednesday.

Here’s a screenshot of one that I’m really eager to post. I bet you can guess what it’s about:


Web site traffic to-date: 7,283 visits from 46 countries/territories

traffic-geo-sshot I looked at our web traffic report tonight (I installed Google Analytics on the site a month ago) and I’m thrilled to see how many visitors were from so many different countries.

The screenshot shows the top 25. Click to enlarge.

Coach takes a licking and keeps on ticking

IMG_3529Carl “Coach” Swanson seemed happy to be injured.

I wonder if he remembered who to call for medical help?

Guy talk

Charlie Robert and Jim 'Bubba' Blount Charlie Robert and Jim ‘Bubba’ Blount sharing a laugh on Sunday. The sharing was not entirely inclusive, however.

Duet services

IMG_3717During the down-times while waiting for riders, USGP chief organizer Dan Brown and Wendy Clark performed duets for the crowd on Saturday.

The man thought of everything!

Premier observers: Trials, Inc.

Trials Inc observersTrials Inc banner Paul Thistle and  Jim Zuroske

Trials, Inc., “the premier trials club of the central USA,” fielded observers for 4 sections each day. They even had their own club banner strung up at each section. Right photo: Trials Inc. Section captain Jim Zuroske (right) with Paul Thistle (Blue Ridge Yamaha & Polaris) who ran the shuttle service.

Bridge builders Tim Cash and John Haywood

John Haywood I blogged earlier about the signs and banners guys, Tim Cash and John Haywood. It turns out, those guys are bridge builders, too.

John was doing the 4-wheeler shuttle service on Saturday and dropped me off near one of the footbridges that he and Tim built just for the event.

The FIM guys: on task!

Jean-Marc Crumière, Charly Demathieu, Jim BlackburnWhen the event began each day, these gentlemen from the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) were serious and focused.

L to R: Jean-Marc Crumière, Charly Demathieu, Jim Blackburn.

A minder’s worst nightmare

Cody Webb and Neal Storz
U.S. 2007 National #2 rider Cody Webb reflects on the comments of a startled minder, Neal Storz. (Click to enlarge.)

Friendly competitors

In motorcycle trials, one often sees fierce competitors hamming it up with each other in the middle of an event.

Cody Webb and Will Ibsen Andew Oldar and Eric Storz

Left: U.S. Pro competitors Cody Webb (Nat’l #2) and Will Ibsen (Nat’l #4) in Section 11, Lampkin Falls.
Right: Youth Class competitors Andew Oldar and Eric Storz in Section 9, House Rock.

The Wild Bill Smage fan club

Pat Smage Bill Smage

I saw Bill Smage taking a photo of a group of kids standing around Pat Smage after Pat’s 3rd place finish yesterday — at exactly the same time that I was taking the same shot. So I took a photo of Bill with his ever-present camera.

Bill takes more motorcycle trials photos than I do, and that’s not easy. Keep it up, Bill!

The Medical team

Not only did the Rhode Island Trials Club do the tech inspection (see blog post), but a subgroup of them were the backbone of the emergency medical services for the event.

injured riderHub Brennan Jeff Salois, Carl "Coach" Swanson, and Hub Brennan

Left: I witnessed a bad crash by a Youth Class rider on Section 9 on Sunday. Had he landed on his back or tailbone, it would’ve been very serious and the medical team would’ve sprung into action. Luckily, the rider’s thigh hit the rock and he was able to walk in a few minutes.
Center: Dr. Herbert J. “Hub” Brennan, double checking the EMS radios on Saturday.
Right: Jeff Salois, Carl “Coach” Swanson, and Hub Brennan as the prepared to depart the TTC lodge this morning.

Mr. Trials Comp, Shan Moore

The periodical that does the most to keep motorcycle trials thriving in the USA (“… the ‘industry reporter’ and publication of record on Observed Trials since 1975′) is Trials Competition Newspaper.

 Shan Moore and Wiltz Wagner Apr-08 Shan Moore

The man who makes it all happen (on the left with Wiltz Wagner) is Shan Moore, Trials Comp’s publisher and editor. Watch for comprehensive coverage of the Wagner Cup in the June issue of Trials Comp.

Women’s World Champ Laia Sanz has an even bigger fan

Laia Sanz Catherine Bedley

TTC’s Catherine Bedley displays the Montesa Trial Team kerchief that Women’s World Champ Laia Sanz autographed and gave to her this weekend. Laia is the only woman competing in the World Junior Championship class.

World Champions, now minders, Martin Lampkin and Jordi Tarrés

Most spectators wouldn’t know but two former motorcycle trials World Champions were at the event, working as minders.

Martin Lampkin Jordi Tarrés

Left: World Champion (’73, ’75) Martin Lampkin (UK) was a minder for his son, seven-time World Champion Dougie Lampkin.
Right: World Champion (’89-’91, ’93-’95) Jordi Tarrés (Spain) was a minder for Youth class competitor Francesc Moret.

Paul Crowder, Master of Ceremonies

Paul Crowder Paul CrowderPaul Crowder

As the event’s MC, Paul Crowder’s voice could be heard everywhere this weekend, announcing each rider as they departed, doing the live-action ‘play by play’ out on the loop, and handling the trophy ceremony on Sunday.

The family Storz

Eric Storz Eric Storz Neal Storz Eric Storz and Steve Storz

Eric Storz competed in the Youth class this weekend, assisted by his able minder and older brother, Neal Storz. Their dad, Steve Storz (Storz Performance, Inc.) was in demand whenever an Italian translator was needed.