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Bou and Fujinami in Section 9, Loop 1 on Sunday: You make the call!

Section captain (left photo) from Indiana, Bill ??,  had a couple of tough calls to make on World Champions Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami on Sunday at “House Rock.” (Bou and Fuji were the only riders to even attempt this section the first loop.)

Bill from IndianaBou markerfuji-rock-sshot

  • Bou had taken one point till he was given a five for his rear wheel going outside the marker near the exit (center screenshot). Watch the video carefully at the 1:20 mark.
  • Fujinami ran out of time. Did he five it anyway before time ran out? Watch the video carefully at the 2:25 mark. And watch how Fuji gets over the large, angled pointy rock (right screenshot) prior to the final obstacle at the 2:15 mark.

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Click play to watch.  3 minutes.

5 comments to Bou and Fujinami in Section 9, Loop 1 on Sunday: You make the call!

  • Kerry Parkes

    I watched the video with some friends and we all agree Bill got it right ,It was a tuff call but the right one was made

  • Jono Blount

    i think that bill was right with both. in england bou would have definatly fived(there really strict about it over here)i thought that fuji was the right side of the flag bit unlucky about time though. never seen fuji that angry tho!!

  • Great call Bill! I minded section #4 on Saturday and had a couple tough calls myself. What a great event!

  • Tom

    From the video, it appeared that Bill made the correct call on Bou. Tough job – great job!

  • Dylan Riddle

    ya i was at that section when bou and fuji came through. he definentaly outside of the marker. man was he pissed after. he screamed “PUTA” at Bill which, if youve never learned much Spanish means…er, female dog. and fujis line was good, he didnt miss or cross any other markers, shame he mishit on his first try up the big face. it would have been great to see someone get through that section