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Video preview of Sections 6, 9, 11

Here’s a video preview of Sections 6, 9, 11, narrated by TTC’s Dan Brown.

Click play to watch. 6 min, 20 sec.

2 comments to Video preview of Sections 6, 9, 11

  • Tommy

    sirs, if I may offer constructive criticism. your sections need more technical content. big steps with nice, straight approach will not challenge them. cambers, loose approache, marginal set up opportunities will make it more interesting for all. you clearly have the fantastic terrain.

    good luck with your trial and many thanks for all you hard work for the sport we all love.


  • Griff Wigley

    Thanks for the feedback, Tommy. Our narrative probably does give the impression that the sections are all about ‘big’. But I assure you, nearly all of the obstacles have elements other than ‘big.’ Many of the big boulders are moss-covered, for example. Most have little set-up room, many will be wet/muddy, and many have difficult additional obstacles immediately following.