How to check this year’s WTC

Hey everyone,

We have received the new instructional video demonstrating the No-Stop techniques used for  the 2013  World Trial Competition.  This video shows how the new “no – stop” riding will be done, the rules for observing appear to be very straightforward.   It will be interesting to see how this riding style works out, as this appears to be the trend for future competition.

We encourage you all to watch this video, and become familiar with the scoring.   We still have opportunities for observers and other volunteers this year, so please contact Gary Hoover at  to get in the action!

Workers who work at least one day of competition will receive their weekend pass, two nights of tent camping, and lunch on the day they work.   We have also gotten some great donations for a WORKER RAFFLE!!  We look forward to this event and all of your participation.

This will be a great event and we can’t wait to see you all here!

Kindest Regards,

Ashley Jackson

Ticket Sales…

Spectator tickets are now available for purchase online, camping options included. More to come.

Coming soon…..

Hey Everybody,

Just giving everyone a heads up that ticket and camping sales will be up online soon!

Stay tuned…


World Competition Work Day #2

Thanks to all the guys that came out yesterday to work in the woods. There was a good bit accomplished and some fun along the way too. So thanks to Greg Clark, Mark Moon, Thomas Rowe, Alan Shirley, Griff Shirley, Paul Thistle, Aaron Thistle, Jim Craig, Jamie Gourley, and Harry Heilemann. We sure appreciate you all coming out and spending your Saturday with us!

See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

World Competition Work Day!

Hey Everybody,

We wanted to let you all know that we have scheduled another World Competition Work Day, followed by Round 4 of our Winter Series!

Saturday February 16th, please come out and help us prep sections and clear trail for our upcoming World Competition.   We will get started around 9am Central Time and work through the day (stopping at some point for lunch of course!).   Don’t worry if you can’t quite make it at 9, just show up when you can and we will leave a note on the door letting you know where we will be!

Then, stay over Sunday February 17th and ride Round 4 of Chattanooga Trials Clubs Winter Series.   This event is a lot of fun and just good practice.  The competitor fee is only $20,   So knock those winter webs off your bike and come out to play!

Hope to see you all out there!


Great Article from the 2008 World Competition

This guy “Tom Roderick”  Had some great things to say about our 2008 World Competition.   Check out this article on!


Great Video from 08

Wow, here is another cool video from the 08 World Championship.

Check it out…