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Trials School Sponsored by GasGas!

NOW CONFIRMED: Jordi Pascuet and Eric Storz to teach Trial School!

Thanks to Dale Malasek, GasGas  and the Trials Training Center,  will be hosting a a 2-day Trials School following the World Championship!

This School will be taught by:

Jordi Pascuet, who  has won European and Spanish Championships, and is also a World Record holder for Splatting a high Vertical wall, and all around one of the nicest guys on the planet!

Eric Storz who is America’s #6 Pro Trials Rider, #4 Amatuer Endurocross Rider.  He is also the a star of “Young Guns” a training DVD by Ryan Young,  and rides for the Trials Des Nations team.

The date is Monday, May 27th, and Tuesday May 28th.

The cost is $150.00 per day, and will include a catered lunch. There will be a max limit for this class. More info to come…..and you will be able to register for this online in the next few days.

Limited Bike Rentals available, information upon request.

Great Teachers + Great Fun = Great Experience!

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