Priority parking available on advance purchase tickets for the Trials World Championship at the TTC

USGP tickets onlineUSGP tickets online - priority parking USGP tickets online - priority parking for street bikes

The USGP of the Trials World Championship (The Wagner Cup) is less than a month two weeks away.

  1. Spectators who purchase online parking passes with their admission tickets will get priority vehicle parking in the first parking field, bypassing much of the car line.
  2. Spectators with street bikes who purchase online parking passes with their admission tickets will get up-front priority street bike parking in the grassy field right next to the paddock, bypassing the car parking line completely.

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Confirmed competitors for the USGP – The Wagner Cup

Below is a list of the riders already signed up to compete in the USGP, 55 Riders confirmed from 12 different countries.   Man, what an event this will be!

 Pro Class  Junior Class 125cc Class Guest Class
Toni Bou, Spain Francesc Moret, Spain Bradley Cox, Great Britain Drew Fortner, USA
Adam Raga, Spain Pol Tarres, Spain Gabriele Giarba, Spain Raymond Peter, USA
Jeroni Fejardo, Spain Jorge Casales, Spain Quentin Carles De Caudenberg, France Drew Harker, USA
Albert Cabestany, Spain Jacke Shepard, Great Britain Pietro Petrangeli, Italy Andreas Niederer, USA
Takahisa Fujinami, Japan Maxime Warenghien, Belgium Timo Myohanen, Finland Alan Shirley, USA
James Dabil, Great Britain Cedric Tempier, France Martin Matejicek, Czech. Republic Tom McNeal, USA
Jack Challoner, Great Britain Hakon Pedersen, Norway Declan Bullock, Great Britain Quinn Wentzel, USA
Daniel Oliveras, Spain Carles Traviesa, Spain Ignacio Martin, Spain Alexander Niederer, USA
Michael Brown, Great Britain Kyle Middleton, Australia Ignacio Fernandez, Spain
Matteo Grattarola, Italy Steven Coquelin, France Daniel Blonc Gonnet, USA
Loris Gubian, France Jonathan Richardson, Great Britain Kenny Thomas, France
Pere Borrellas, Spain Sverre Lundevold, Norway Aaron Thistle, USA
Alexandre Ferrer, France Filippo Locca, Italy Marke Wunsch, Czech Republic
Benoit Dagnicourt, Spain Martin Pochez, France Samuel Fastle, USA
Patrick Smage, USA Bryan Roper, USA
Karl Davis, USA
Cody Webb, USA

Reminder: slots available for trials school during USGP

Hey Everybody,

    Just a reminder that there are still available slots in the Trials School with Jordi Pascuet, and Eric Storz!

    Date: May 27-28, 2013                          Time: 9am-4pm Central                      

    Cost: $150.00 per day                         Place: Trials Training Center  

We also have a few Primitive RV Sites left, and Tent Spaces too.  Don’t wait until the last minute, you want to be where the excitement is so get your on site camping now!


See you all in May!


Wiltz Wagner, namesake of the Wagner Cup

The Wagner Cup in 1987Wiltz WagnerThe Wagner Cup has been part of all world championship motorcycle trials events held in North America since 1975. The winner is determined by the lowest score over the combined two days of competition.

The cup is named for Wiltz Wagner, a founding member of the North American Trials Council (NATC). Wiltz is widely considered to be “the father of American motorcycle trials.”

See this extensive background article on Wiltz when he was inducted into the NATC Hall of Fame in 2005. He’s also featured on the Rocky Mountain Trials Association history page.

The Wagner Cup, which features four bighorn sheep, is kept permanently at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) headquarters in Ohio. The name of every North American world-round winner since 1975 is engraved on the cup.

Mrs. Roger Ansell, Wilt Wagner, Martin Belair, Mr. Roger Ansell Takahisa Fujinami, winner of the 2008 Wagner Cup
Above left photo: Wiltz Wagner, second from left in the blue shirt, out on the loop at the 2008 USGP with Martin Belair (red shirt), AMA’s Roger Ansell (far right), and Roger’s wife (far left).

Above right: Takahisa Fujinami, winner of the 2008 Wagner Cup

Steve Ahlers and Wiltz Wagner Wiltz Wagner with daughter Belen
I took these photos of Wiltz at the 2004 USGP in Duluth, MN.

Left: with event organizer Steve Ahlers. Right: with his daughter Belen.

Wiltz’s was also a physician and professor. He was the Vergil K. Stoelting Professor of Anesthesia at Indiana University from 1995-2005.


Trials School Registration is Now Open!

The news you have all been waiting for…… We have now opened up the Registration for our Trial School after the World Championship.

Just click on the Tickets/Reservations Tab above for the Registration Form.  Only twenty participants for this class…so get it while it’s hot!

Jordi Pascuet: international mototrials instructor (Learning Trial with Jordi Pascuet DVD;Pascuet Offroad Centre); winner of both European and Spanish championships; world record holder for splatting a high vertical wall

Eric Storz: USA/NATC 2012 #6 pro, #4 national amateur endurocross

Dale Malasek:  Importer, Gas Gas USA; numerous NATC class championships

Location: Trials Training Center
Dates: May 27-28, 2013
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (catered lunch provided)
Cost: $150.00 for the May 27th one-day school. $300 for both days (May 27-28)
Class limit: We are limiting the participants of this school to twenty riders
Bike rental: $100/day (limited availability – contact us)

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