World Round photo albums

We didn’t have time over the weekend to take photos ourselves so as we become aware of the photos by others, we’ll link to them here. Thus far:

Shan Moore
Shan Moore’s album of 39 photos on Trials and Enduro News

 Vonda Roper
Vonda Roper’s album of 80 photos on Facebook

Laura Peters
Laura Peters’ album of 21 photos on Facebook

Bernie Schreiber’s appearance at the World Round

King Bernie is back in town 2013 News Media Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
Longtime mototrials competitor, importer and enthusiast Martin Belair posted this to the Trials Central forum and we got his permission to post it here:

I just want to say how great it was to have 1979 World Champ Bernie Schreiber visit the USGP this past weekend at the TTC. The response from the public was amazing. People lined up for 2 hours to get an autograph and to meet the man. Bernie was very gracious and took time to speak with everyone.

Throughout the weekend Bernie could not walk far without meeting a fan. People brought their scrapbooks and photo albums to show Bernie and to get them signed. I am sure that everyone that met Bernie this weekend now has a story to tell.

Bernie wanted his visit to benefit the US TdN team so all proceeds from the book signing, t-shirt and poster sales went to support Team USA. The generosity of the people was amazing. I can say that it was the biggest weekend fund raiser in US TdN history.

I also want to thank everyone that helped arrange a proper welcome and made Bernie’s visit a success. Dan Brown and his amazing TTC staff, Brad Baumert, Pete Croft, Vonda Roper, Jim Watson and everyone that worked the TdN booth.

Below is a link to a great story by Jake Miller on the FIM-Live website:

King Bernie is back in town

Spectator guides available for purchase

Man, what a wonderful weekend for a World Championship. The weather was gorgeous, the people fabulous, and the riders AMAZING!

TTC USGP Spectator Guide Cover TTC USGP Spectator Guide Table of Contents

But don’t worry if you missed out:  you can get a Spectator Guide sent straight to your home.

The Spectator Guide is a 36-page full color booklet that includes rider bios, history of the World Championship,  the loop map, and much much more. So don’t waste time, get yours today!

$6 per guide which includes tax and shipping.

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World Trials media coverage

Some links to media coverage of the event thus far:

World Trials Championship, USGP results

Results of the Trial World Championship, USGP held at the TTC this weekend:

Pro, Saturday:

1. Adam Raga (GG) 9; 2. Toni Bou (Mon) 17; 3. Jeroni Fajardo (Bet) 19; 4. Albert Cabestany (Shr) 24; 5. Takahisa Fujinami (Mon) 37; 6. James Dabill (Bet) 40; 7. Loris Gubian (GG) 57; 8. Matteo Grattarolla (GG) 62; 9. Alexandre Ferrer (Shr) 63; 10. Benoit Dagnicourt (Bet) 70.

Pro, Sunday:

1. Adam Raga (GG) 24; 2. Toni Bou (Mon) 24; 3. Takahisa Fujinami (Mon) 38; 4. Jeroni Fajardo (Bet) 40; 5. Albert Cabestany (Shr) 55; 6. James Dabill (Bet) 61; 7. Alexandre Ferrer (Shr) 83; 8. Loris Gubian (GG) 90; 9. Matteo Grattarolla (GG) 104; 10. Jack Challoner (Bet) 110.

Complete results from the FIM’s site:

Day 1:

Day 2:

May issue of AMA’s American Motorcyclist features US Pros Karl Davis and Bryan Roper who are competing in the Wagner Cup this weekend

AMA_May2013_cover_300 AMA_May2013-trials-article

The May 2013 issue of the AMA’s American Motorcyclist magazine features US Mototrials Pros Karl Davis and Bryan Roper. (The full 3-page article is posted to the NATC’s website here.)

Karl and Bryan will be competing in the Junior Class, along with another US pro, Logan Bolopue. US #1 Champ Patrick Smage will be competing in the Pro Class. US #2 Cody Webb will compete in the International Class.

See all the confirmed competitors here.

TICKET INFORMATION: purchase at the gate

Don’t worry folks, if you haven’t purchased tickets online,

you can purchase them at the gate! 

* If you purchased tickets online and have not received them by Wednesday, please contact us so we can get you on the Will Call List*

Schedule revisions

Schedule of Events - 2013 US World Trials Championship

We’ve made some changes and additions to the Schedule of Events for the 2013 US World Trials Championship (PDF).

Some notable changes:

  • The Rider Test session will be held on both Thursday and Friday
  • “A Conversation with Bernie Schreiber” interview session is schedule for 5 pm on Saturday

Online reservations no longer available for USGP

As of early this morning, we’ve stopped online ticket sales for all events, including spectating/parking/camping, the Adventure and Sightseeing packages, and the USGP Trials School.

You’ll be able to purchase tickets for everything at the gate this week.

If you have a question about availability of any of the above, Contact Us. See you in a few days!

Our sponsors

USGP 2013 Sponsors


Special thanks to our two-dozen+ sponsors, now listed and linked on our Sponsors page.

Dan, Brad, Martin and Ignacio–schmoozing at the 2013 US MotoGP

Brad Baumert, Dan Brown, Martin Belair Brad Baumert, Dan Brown, Ignacio Verneda, Martin Belair
The TTC’s Dan Brown attended a World Trial Championship meeting in Austin, Texas last month, site of the 2013 US Moto GP.  Among the good ol’ boys he hung out with:  NATC president and Sherco USA‘s Brad Baumert, US FIM representative Martin Belair, and FIM’s Ignacio Verneda.

Marking the sections with ribbon

Alex Bedley 2013-05-07 00.43.30 Alex Bedley

2013-05-06 20.39.19 2013-05-07 00.43.04 2013-05-07 00.43.11
The TTC’s Alex Bedley and Charlie Roberts were out marking the sections with ribbon this week. Photos by Catherine.

Bernie Schreiber is coming to the World Championship

 Bernie Scrheiber Bernie Scrheiber 1979 Bernie Scrheiber 1987 Motoverte - Bernie Scrheiber

We are pleased about this:

Dear All,

It’s a pleasure to announce my attendance at the upcoming Wagner Cup Trial in TN.

Thank you so much for inviting me to come and organizing accommodations. It is heart-warming to know that you all still honor my results, although we have not seen each other for such a long time or never had the chance to meet. I value those Trials moments we have shared and I look forward to a memorable weekend together.

With best regards,

Bernie Schreiber

See Bernie’s AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame page and his NATC Hall of Fame page.

Tickets Mailing this week:

To those of you who have pre-purchased your tickets for the World Championship:

Your tickets and passes will be mailed by the end of the week!  

Keep an eye on your mailbox folks, you should receive your passes in 10-12 Days

I just want to know….who’s as excited as we are? =)


Sponsor Update 2: Chig-R-Block

Hey out there,

We just wanted to give you a heads up about one of our Sponsors/Vendors at the World Competition.  Not only will these guys have a booth at the event, but they are also donating 100 sample tins for the Rider Gift Bags!

If you are worried about the bugs in TN, now you don’t have to be scared, this product will help ward off chiggers, ticks, mosquito’s and more.  Just rub in their designated spots, and head off in the woods for a fun filled day of World Competitors!

Chig-R-Block – These guys sell some amazing bug repellent   All natural, and works wonders!  Be prepared for the great outdoors, chiggers are the worst, and this stuff will help block em out.   You can use it as repellent, or as treatment for bug bites and poison ivy, oak, ect.   Make sure you stop by their booth and get your block on!   Check out their website at


Live concert sponsored by American Beta

We are happy to announce that we will be having a LIVE CONCERT,

sponsored by American Beta

WHO:  “The Collins Brothers Band”  a local favorite, will be on the TTC Stage

WHEN:   Saturday May 25th   following the FIM World TRIAL Competition.   

WHERE:  The Trial Training Center Stage

  Check them out on their website at