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Schedule revisions

Schedule of Events - 2013 US World Trials Championship

We’ve made some changes and additions to the Schedule of Events for the 2013 US World Trials Championship (PDF).

Some notable changes:

  • The Rider Test session will be held on both Thursday and Friday
  • “A Conversation with Bernie Schreiber” interview session is schedule for 5 pm on Saturday

Online reservations no longer available for USGP

As of early this morning, we’ve stopped online ticket sales for all events, including spectating/parking/camping, the Adventure and Sightseeing packages, and the USGP Trials School.

You’ll be able to purchase tickets for everything at the gate this week.

If you have a question about availability of any of the above, Contact Us. See you in a few days!

Dan, Brad, Martin and Ignacio–schmoozing at the 2013 US MotoGP

Brad Baumert, Dan Brown, Martin Belair Brad Baumert, Dan Brown, Ignacio Verneda, Martin Belair
The TTC’s Dan Brown attended a World Trial Championship meeting in Austin, Texas last month, site of the 2013 US Moto GP.  Among the good ol’ boys he hung out with:  NATC president and Sherco USA‘s Brad Baumert, US FIM representative Martin Belair, and FIM’s Ignacio Verneda.

Marking the sections with ribbon

Alex Bedley 2013-05-07 00.43.30 Alex Bedley

2013-05-06 20.39.19 2013-05-07 00.43.04 2013-05-07 00.43.11
The TTC’s Alex Bedley and Charlie Roberts were out marking the sections with ribbon this week. Photos by Catherine.

Rider section inspection

I had some techie tasks and couldn’t get out to take photos of riders inspecting the sections this afternoon… except for these photos of Section 15 at the end the day.

IMG_3418 IMG_3416 IMG_3415 IMG_3412

Right photo: Hey, manicuring!

Photo album: tech inspection

I was deployed on other tasks this morning and missed about half the tech inspection. But I still managed to get 3 dozen+ photos, including several of World Champ Toni Bou and many of the crop of U.S. youth riders. See the album or this slideshow:

Rhode Island Trials Club tech inspector team

ritc-techteam The tech inspector team from the Rhode Island Trials Club did the inspections this morning. I’ll have a photo album/slideshow shortly but here’s the team (click photo to enlarge):

L to R: Dave Aldo, Jim Grabbert, Carl "Coach" Swanson, Jeff Salois, Bill Bonneau, Hub Brennan, Bill Mathewson, Jim Watson.

Section inspection

Galeazzi Danilo, Steve Sorz, Dan Brown Galeazzi Danilo, Steve SorzGaleazzi Danilo, Steve Sorz, Dan Brown
L to R: FIM’s Danilo Galeazzi, Steve Storz (Storz Performance, Inc.) and TTC’s Dan Brown at lunch today in the TTC lodge. Steve speaks Italian and Dan doesn’t so he was indispensible. I later caught them inspecting Section 15 (below).

Galeazzi Danilo Galeazzi Danilo, Steve Sorz, Dan Brown Galeazzi Danilo, Steve Sorz, Dan Brown Galeazzi Danilo, Steve Sorz

Signs and banners crew

To supplement the photos, text, and video on the Directions page, we put up signs and banners this morning at various points between the freeway and the TTC.

 Tim Cash and John Haywood John Haywood Tim Cash and John Haywood Tim Cash and John Haywood
Left: Tim Cash and John Haywood, elite class sign installation engineers.
Right: We planted Sherco and GasGas banners in many spots.

Control center Cat

Catherine Bedley Catherine BedleyTTC HQ

Catherine Bedley’s office is now in the new TTC headquarters. (Just don’t call it ‘the shop.’)

Center photo: Catherine at about 11 am this morning, showing off the one and only 2008 FIM SPEA Trial World Championship hat on the premises.

Factory teams arriving

 TTC grounds TTC campgrounds

From the deck of the TTC lodge, I zoomed in on the area of the grounds where some of the factory teams have already set up. I’ll get more photos later today. My next task is to help get directional signs and banners put up at various points from the freeway to here. See the Directions page for a preview.

All greened up

Things have greened up considerably here at the TTC since I was here a month ago for Trials Training Days. I took these photos of the lodge this morning around 8:30.

Trials Training Center Trials Training Center Trials Training Center 

Right: The original owners of the Trials Training Center were Tony and Laura Bussing. They now live in Colorado. Tony is now a dog behavior consultant.

Weather for today and Friday: mostly sunny, highs in the mid-70s.

The planning intensifies

Catherine Bedley and Dan Brown While I was blogging tonight in the TTC lodge, event organizers Catherine Bedley and Dan Brown were having a logistics and planning meeting, going over the hundreds of details for this weekend’s really big show.

Lists, lists, and more lists!

Schedule/timetable of events


See this schedule/timetable of events (PDF) for the weekend.

Site map

Here’s a PDF site map of the Trials Training Center property and the location of the sections.

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