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Bernie Schreiber’s appearance at the World Round

King Bernie is back in town 2013 News Media Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
Longtime mototrials competitor, importer and enthusiast Martin Belair posted this to the Trials Central forum and we got his permission to post it here:

I just want to say how great it was to have 1979 World Champ Bernie Schreiber visit the USGP this past weekend at the TTC. The response from the public was amazing. People lined up for 2 hours to get an autograph and to meet the man. Bernie was very gracious and took time to speak with everyone.

Throughout the weekend Bernie could not walk far without meeting a fan. People brought their scrapbooks and photo albums to show Bernie and to get them signed. I am sure that everyone that met Bernie this weekend now has a story to tell.

Bernie wanted his visit to benefit the US TdN team so all proceeds from the book signing, t-shirt and poster sales went to support Team USA. The generosity of the people was amazing. I can say that it was the biggest weekend fund raiser in US TdN history.

I also want to thank everyone that helped arrange a proper welcome and made Bernie’s visit a success. Dan Brown and his amazing TTC staff, Brad Baumert, Pete Croft, Vonda Roper, Jim Watson and everyone that worked the TdN booth.

Below is a link to a great story by Jake Miller on the FIM-Live website:

King Bernie is back in town

Coach takes a licking and keeps on ticking

IMG_3529Carl “Coach” Swanson seemed happy to be injured.

I wonder if he remembered who to call for medical help?

Guy talk

Charlie Robert and Jim 'Bubba' Blount Charlie Robert and Jim ‘Bubba’ Blount sharing a laugh on Sunday. The sharing was not entirely inclusive, however.

Duet services

IMG_3717During the down-times while waiting for riders, USGP chief organizer Dan Brown and Wendy Clark performed duets for the crowd on Saturday.

The man thought of everything!

A minder’s worst nightmare

Cody Webb and Neal Storz
U.S. 2007 National #2 rider Cody Webb reflects on the comments of a startled minder, Neal Storz. (Click to enlarge.)

The Wild Bill Smage fan club

Pat Smage Bill Smage

I saw Bill Smage taking a photo of a group of kids standing around Pat Smage after Pat’s 3rd place finish yesterday — at exactly the same time that I was taking the same shot. So I took a photo of Bill with his ever-present camera.

Bill takes more motorcycle trials photos than I do, and that’s not easy. Keep it up, Bill!

Mr. Trials Comp, Shan Moore

The periodical that does the most to keep motorcycle trials thriving in the USA (“… the ‘industry reporter’ and publication of record on Observed Trials since 1975′) is Trials Competition Newspaper.

 Shan Moore and Wiltz Wagner Apr-08 Shan Moore

The man who makes it all happen (on the left with Wiltz Wagner) is Shan Moore, Trials Comp’s publisher and editor. Watch for comprehensive coverage of the Wagner Cup in the June issue of Trials Comp.

World Champions, now minders, Martin Lampkin and Jordi Tarrés

Most spectators wouldn’t know but two former motorcycle trials World Champions were at the event, working as minders.

Martin Lampkin Jordi Tarrés

Left: World Champion (’73, ’75) Martin Lampkin (UK) was a minder for his son, seven-time World Champion Dougie Lampkin.
Right: World Champion (’89-’91, ’93-’95) Jordi Tarrés (Spain) was a minder for Youth class competitor Francesc Moret.

Paul Crowder, Master of Ceremonies

Paul Crowder Paul CrowderPaul Crowder

As the event’s MC, Paul Crowder’s voice could be heard everywhere this weekend, announcing each rider as they departed, doing the live-action ‘play by play’ out on the loop, and handling the trophy ceremony on Sunday.

The family Storz

Eric Storz Eric Storz Neal Storz Eric Storz and Steve Storz

Eric Storz competed in the Youth class this weekend, assisted by his able minder and older brother, Neal Storz. Their dad, Steve Storz (Storz Performance, Inc.) was in demand whenever an Italian translator was needed.

Head Course Marshall Gary Hoover, man of many faces, including Elvis

Gary Hoover Gary HooverGary HooverGary Hooverlip-curl

Gary Hoover, a member of the local Southeastern Trials Riders Association (STRA), is the Head Course Marshall for the event, recruiting and supervising the observers. Gary’s lip curl is evidently helpful in crowd control situations, just like that other boy from Tennessee.

Fan catches foul ball Spectator catches flying clutch lever

IMG_3534 In Loop 1, Section 2 yesterday, one of the Junior class riders slipped off the angled ledge at the start and his bike smashed to the rocks below.

As the left handlebar hit the ground, it snapped the clutch lever and sent it spinning 20 feet or more into the air with a loud ‘ping.’ 

This spectator yelled out "I got it" and made a one-handed catch, earning a loud roar of approval from the assembled crowd. (Apologies for the fuzzy photo… I had to zoom way in.)

Mr. Trials Central, Andy Greig

 Andy Greig Andy Greig Andy Greig

The most active web site for motorcycle trials on the planet is Trials Central in the U.K. The man who makes it all happen: Andy Greig.

U.S. Trials des Nations team

IMG_3741I caught these members of the U.S. Men’s and Women’s 2007 Trials des Nations team hanging out after the event yesterday.

L to R: Pat Smage, Cody Webb, Louise Forsley, and Sara Duke.

Photo album: Day 1 podium

Here are a couple dozen photos from today’s podium ceremony. Included are photos I used in the previous blog posts on the winners. See the album or this slideshow:

Blonde reinforcements

Catherine Bedley and relatives Catherine’s sisters and other blond relatives showed up last night to provide emotional support.

I’ll try to get names later today.