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World Round photo albums

We didn’t have time over the weekend to take photos ourselves so as we become aware of the photos by others, we’ll link to them here. Thus far:

Shan Moore
Shan Moore’s album of 39 photos on Trials and Enduro News

 Vonda Roper
Vonda Roper’s album of 80 photos on Facebook

Laura Peters
Laura Peters’ album of 21 photos on Facebook

Work crew photos albums: Jan, Feb, March

We’ve had three very productive work crew days the past three months, preparing the sections for the 2013 FIM Trials World Championship (The Wagner Cup!) here at the TTC on May 25-26. A big thanks to everyone who’s helped. Here are some photos from those days:

March work crew photo album:

Volunteers (names coming soon). See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

February work crew photo album:

Volunteers: Greg Clark, Mark Moon, Thomas Rowe, Alan Shirley, Griff Shirley, Paul Thistle, Aaron Thistle, Jim Craig, Jamie Gourley, and Harry Heilemann. See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

January work crew photo album:

Volunteers: Tim Cash, James Thompson, Andy Sowell, Brian Sloggy, Griff Shirley, Matt Stancil, Alan Shirley, Dennis Simoes, Greg Clark, Steve Glinski, Jamie Gourley, Vaughn Cady, Garry Garrison, Jim Dale, Sonny Roberts, Frank Schoenbeck, Austin Brown. See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

More spectator photos

Dan Seacat from Southport, Indiana sent these photos. Click to enlarge.

best-trials-2008-21 best-trials-2008-10 best-trials-2008-14 best-trials-2008-18 best-trials-2008-20



Photo Album: Fujinami, Cabestany, Bou in Section 12, Loop 2

I parked myself at Section 12 at the end of the day and got a few good shots of Fujigas, Albert Cabestany, and Toni Bou. See the album of 10 photos or this slideshow.

Photo album: Sunday observers

Teams of observers (4-5 on a team) again checked each of today’s 15 sections. Some teams were the same as yesterday but many were new. I got around to sections 9-13.  See the album of 25 photos or this slideshow:

Head Course Marshall Gary Hoover, man of many faces, including Elvis

Gary Hoover Gary HooverGary HooverGary Hooverlip-curl

Gary Hoover, a member of the local Southeastern Trials Riders Association (STRA), is the Head Course Marshall for the event, recruiting and supervising the observers. Gary’s lip curl is evidently helpful in crowd control situations, just like that other boy from Tennessee.

My favorite rider photos

I didn’t take many action shots today but of those I did, here are my favorite four:

Takahisa Fuginami Dougie Lampkin Dougie Lampkin Marc Freixa

Left: Takahisa Fuginami
Center two: Dougie Lampkin
Right: Marc Freixa

Photo album: Day 1 podium

Here are a couple dozen photos from today’s podium ceremony. Included are photos I used in the previous blog posts on the winners. See the album or this slideshow:

Photo album: Saturday Observers

Teams of observers (4-5 on a team) checked each of today’s 15 sections, a difficult job to do for 6 straight hours. I got around to sections 1-7 and 14-15 and tried to take photos of as many observers as I could.  See the album of 50 photos or this slideshow:

Photo album: riders studying the sections

The first loop involves a lot of analysis of the sections, especially by the riders in the Championship class. See the album of 17 photos or this slideshow:

Photo album: Saturday morning observers’ meeting

Scenes from this morning’s meeting with the observers. See the album or this slideshow:

Dignitaries! Officials! Muckety-mucks!

TTC HQ FIM dinner FIM dinner

The new TTC HQ building was the site of tonight’s dinner with officials from the FIM, NATC, and other motorcycle trials-related organizations.

FIM dinner FIM dinner FIM dinner FIM dinner

The Sammi Moore Band


The Sammi Moore Band played tonight in the TTC pavilion. No, not Sammy Miller.

Sammi Moore Band Sammi Moore BandSammi Moore Band

Invasion of the Canucks

Andrew Blane and Tom Doroshenko IMG_3420

I met Canadian Tom Doroshenko at Trials Training Days last month (on the right in left photo with TTC instructor Andrew Blane). He returned this week with many of his trials-riding buddies and they had a ring-side seat on the porch of one of the TTC cabins for today’s practice session and subsequent afternoon of relaxation. In the group photo, Tom is the only one with his pants on. No wonder border-crossings have been tightened up.

Photo album: tech inspection

I was deployed on other tasks this morning and missed about half the tech inspection. But I still managed to get 3 dozen+ photos, including several of World Champ Toni Bou and many of the crop of U.S. youth riders. See the album or this slideshow:

Paddock area

 IMG_3274IMG_3279IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3281

The factory teams are all in place in the paddock area. L to R: GasGas, Montesa, Beta, Scorpa, Sherco.

Photo album: practice session

I took a dozen photos and nearly an hour of video of today’s practice session. (I’ll edit the video and upload it later tonight.) See the album or this slideshow: