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More video clips coming

I head back to Minnesota in the morning (to the winter that never quits). I’ll have access to a faster internet connection and should have a few more video clips loaded by Wednesday.

Here’s a screenshot of one that I’m really eager to post. I bet you can guess what it’s about:


Web site traffic to-date: 7,283 visits from 46 countries/territories

traffic-geo-sshot I looked at our web traffic report tonight (I installed Google Analytics on the site a month ago) and I’m thrilled to see how many visitors were from so many different countries.

The screenshot shows the top 25. Click to enlarge.

FIM Jury meeting

FIM Jury meetingThe Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM, International Motorcycling Federation) is the governing body of motorcycle competition.

After every Trials World Championship event, a team of FIM officials (the jury) meets with the local organizers to discuss all aspects of the event and give feedback.

The photo is from today’s meeting. Click to enlarge.

Update 4/28: L to R in the photo: Danilo Galeazzi, Francois St. Laurent (interpreter), Jean-Marc Crumiere, Wiltz Wagner, Beland Wagner, Steve Ahlers, Brian Behling, ??, Jordi Pratt, Miguel Cerrera, Dan Brown, Chuck Weir

Reordered blog posts

I’ve changed the timestamp on a few of the blog entries that I posted last night so that they more closely approximate the order that the events occurred.

Day 1 results available from Trials Central. Photos coming soon…

After spending hours and hours trying to diagnose a slow internet connection, it turns out to have been a BellSouth region-wide, all-day problem. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Andy Greig trialscentral-logo
Andy Greig at Trials Central has the Day 1 results posted. I’ll start posting photos and maybe some video clips shortly.

Last day to order tickets online

tickets Today is the final day to order USGP tickets online and have them mailed to you.

But not to worry: tickets will be available at the gate and we don’t expect to be turning anyone away.

Comments enabled; email alerts and RSS feed options available

Most blog posts now allow for comments to be attached. To prevent spam, the first comment you submit will require us to approve it but thereafter, your comments will appear immediately.

There’s also the option to subscribe to a particular comment thread via email so that you get an email alert when new comments are posted.

Brief excerpts of the most recent comments are displayed in the right sidebar so that you can get a quick glimpse of where current discussions are happening.

Lastly, there’s an option to subscribe to the comments RSS feed.

Directions and Contact Us pages added

I’ve added a Directions page, complete with a PDF that can be printed, plus a video that shows the last couple of miles from the town of Sequatchie to the Trials Training Center, site of the 2008 Wagner Cup.

I’ve also added a Contact Us page with a form to use for email.

Online ordering now available for 2008 Wagner Cup (USGP WTC) tickets


Tickets for the 2008 Wagner Cup, also known as the United States Grand Prix (USGP), World Trials Championship, are now available via an online registration form on the Trials Training Center (TTC) web site.

Options include an all-event ticket, as well as individual practice day and competition day tickets. Camping reservations can also be made.

Subscribe to blog via RSS or email

There are two ways to get Wagner Cup content delivered to you:


Daily automated dispatches (complete blog post content)

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Coming soon

Watch for a new web site and blog posts about the 2008 US round of the World Trials Championship… real soon now.

In the meantime:

1. See the PDF of the 2007 WTC year-end results.


2. See the album of 125+ photos of workers, spectators, and miscellaneous other people taken at the 2004 World Round in Duluth… or this slideshow.

3. See the album of 220+ photos of riders taken at the 2004 World Round in Duluth… or this slideshow.