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Feedback on TTC’s hosting of the World Round


Below are some recent comments we’ve received on our hosting of the USGP Trials World Championship/Wagner Cup. If you have feedback (compliments or criticism), contact us:

We had a good time and all you staff were very nice . It was a long trip from Iowa but worth it to see the World class riders . Thanks for putting on this event . – Wade Clark

Hi Ashley, Just to let you know, 6 of us came down from Mont-Tremblant in Québec to come to your event, we just had a great time. Thanks for all. – Pierre Brisson

Dear Ashley, I hope that the necessary arrangement after this fantastic event was not too difficult! You can be proud of the work which you made. I confirm you the satisfaction of the FIM Staff to have collaborated with the TTC Staff ! Looking forward to see you  again soon, greetings. – Thierry Michaud, France

Ashley, we made it back to Canada today. Safe and sound, but a little tired. Thanks again for making our trip a huge success. We both had a great time, just loved Tennessee, and enjoyed meeting you all. – Ian and Wah Buttar

Hi Ashley, thanks so much to you, and everyone involved at the TTC for such wonderful hospitality, and an amazing event! – Stuart Preston

Hi just like to say thank you for the super weekend , thank you for the meal at the restaurant. I am back home after a total of 7400 KM.  If you ever come in Canada in the east coast for vacation the door is open for you and your family. – Stephane Vallee

I came down with my two teenage daughters and had a wonderful time.  My two daughters had a great time too, and you know how hard it is to impress teenage girls with the outdoors.  I race outdoor MotoCross, and various other off road races, and have even been to an indoor trial, but was thoroughly impressed with the riders skills and conditioning, as well as with the facilities you had to offer.  Thank you for putting on this event.  We had an all around wonderful experience! – Eric Caldwell

Thanks to everyone at TTC for hosting the World Round again. Have been to every one and will continue to come watch the most amazing riders in the world. I sure hope the FIM eliminates the “no stop” rule as we came into it with an open mind and left wanting the rule abolished. Still a great event none the less and you guys did a great job hosting! – Tom Bledsoe

Hi Cat, Memorial Day weekend I really enjoyed the opportunity to work the World Trials Event. Also, the Dirt Rider magazine had an article that noted the Tennessee Knockout is one of the world’s toughest events. Very cool, and congratulations on that. I am looking forward to the event in August. – Reggie Wrinkle

As always, great job on the world round.  This was the 3rd at TTC for my wife and I but we brought our daughter and 7 year old grandson.  We all had a great time!  Over the many years I have helped worked multiple Nationals in various jobs and know it is a lot of work.  Thanks to all who helped in all areas.  You did a GREAT job.  Much appreciated! – Jay Decker

Ashley, What a weekend! I arrived Friday morning… and didn’t slow down until I got home (St Louis) Sunday night. This was the first opportunity I’ve had to spectate a world trails event. Let me say how much I enjoyed it. The team at the Trials Training Center knows how to put on an event. The layout for the sections was very good. Very easy for me to get to all the sections. All the sections were world class for challenge. Very fun to watch the riders. I hope you can host this event again soon. Anyway… just wanted to let you know. Job Well Done! Cheers! – Jeff Mueller

Dear Ashley, Belen and I really enjoyed meeting you at the trial. We have had many good weekends together. On our way home we decided that weekend was as much fun as we can remember. We were particularly impressed by the blue shirts. They were everywhere. We did not meet a single shirt who was not accommodating, polite, and helpful. Please pass along how special we thought they were. And you and your focused group of leaders were amazing. Never tired, obviously having fun, extraordinarily efficient, and all this while moving at the speed of light. We hope you will convey how deeply impressed we were. Please resign and come immediately to Mobile to run this medical school. The improvement would be amazing. Belen wants to send a special thanks to Darrell Davis. She really enjoyed their work together. Warm regards, – Wiltz Wagner

Hi Ashley, My son and I had a great trip over to Tenn. and attended the event on that Saturday. Y’all did an awesome job and we really enjoyed it. I asked about meeting you when we were at the green shed and was told “good luck, she’s really busy.” HaHa and looking around at everything going on we could see that was surely true… Good luck w/ the TKO, I’d really like to make it over but not sure we can just yet. – Chuck Dinsmore

Women’s World Champ Laia Sanz has an even bigger fan

Laia Sanz Catherine Bedley

TTC’s Catherine Bedley displays the Montesa Trial Team kerchief that Women’s World Champ Laia Sanz autographed and gave to her this weekend. Laia is the only woman competing in the World Junior Championship class.

Blonde reinforcements

Catherine Bedley and relatives Catherine’s sisters and other blond relatives showed up last night to provide emotional support.

I’ll try to get names later today.

The gatekeepers

Joe Terry and Steve Dapp Joe Terry

Left: ‘Papa’ Joe Terry and Steve Dapp spent all day at the gate today, selling tickets and, despite strict FIM rules against it, occasionally fraternizing with the customers (right photo).

Are we tense? Yes and no.

Are things hectic here? Ya, you betcha! (I speak Minnesotan.) How are we handling it?

Charlie Roberts and Catherine Bedley Dan and Vaughn

Left: Charlie Roberts and his sweetie, Catherine Bedley, were the picture of calm at lunchtime.

Right: Dan Brown, however, was in the midst of a meltdown and taking it out on his son-in-law Vaughn. Somebody tell Joey!

Control center Cat

Catherine Bedley Catherine BedleyTTC HQ

Catherine Bedley’s office is now in the new TTC headquarters. (Just don’t call it ‘the shop.’)

Center photo: Catherine at about 11 am this morning, showing off the one and only 2008 FIM SPEA Trial World Championship hat on the premises.