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Work crew photos albums: Jan, Feb, March

We’ve had three very productive work crew days the past three months, preparing the sections for the 2013 FIM Trials World Championship (The Wagner Cup!) here at the TTC on May 25-26. A big thanks to everyone who’s helped. Here are some photos from those days:

March work crew photo album:

Volunteers (names coming soon). See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

February work crew photo album:

Volunteers: Greg Clark, Mark Moon, Thomas Rowe, Alan Shirley, Griff Shirley, Paul Thistle, Aaron Thistle, Jim Craig, Jamie Gourley, and Harry Heilemann. See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

January work crew photo album:

Volunteers: Tim Cash, James Thompson, Andy Sowell, Brian Sloggy, Griff Shirley, Matt Stancil, Alan Shirley, Dennis Simoes, Greg Clark, Steve Glinski, Jamie Gourley, Vaughn Cady, Garry Garrison, Jim Dale, Sonny Roberts, Frank Schoenbeck, Austin Brown. See the large photo slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Premier observers: Trials, Inc.

Trials Inc observersTrials Inc banner Paul Thistle and  Jim Zuroske

Trials, Inc., “the premier trials club of the central USA,” fielded observers for 4 sections each day. They even had their own club banner strung up at each section. Right photo: Trials Inc. Section captain Jim Zuroske (right) with Paul Thistle (Blue Ridge Yamaha & Polaris) who ran the shuttle service.

Bridge builders Tim Cash and John Haywood

John Haywood I blogged earlier about the signs and banners guys, Tim Cash and John Haywood. It turns out, those guys are bridge builders, too.

John was doing the 4-wheeler shuttle service on Saturday and dropped me off near one of the footbridges that he and Tim built just for the event.

The Medical team

Not only did the Rhode Island Trials Club do the tech inspection (see blog post), but a subgroup of them were the backbone of the emergency medical services for the event.

injured riderHub Brennan Jeff Salois, Carl "Coach" Swanson, and Hub Brennan

Left: I witnessed a bad crash by a Youth Class rider on Section 9 on Sunday. Had he landed on his back or tailbone, it would’ve been very serious and the medical team would’ve sprung into action. Luckily, the rider’s thigh hit the rock and he was able to walk in a few minutes.
Center: Dr. Herbert J. “Hub” Brennan, double checking the EMS radios on Saturday.
Right: Jeff Salois, Carl “Coach” Swanson, and Hub Brennan as the prepared to depart the TTC lodge this morning.

Paul Crowder, Master of Ceremonies

Paul Crowder Paul CrowderPaul Crowder

As the event’s MC, Paul Crowder’s voice could be heard everywhere this weekend, announcing each rider as they departed, doing the live-action ‘play by play’ out on the loop, and handling the trophy ceremony on Sunday.

Head Course Marshall Gary Hoover, man of many faces, including Elvis

Gary Hoover Gary HooverGary HooverGary Hooverlip-curl

Gary Hoover, a member of the local Southeastern Trials Riders Association (STRA), is the Head Course Marshall for the event, recruiting and supervising the observers. Gary’s lip curl is evidently helpful in crowd control situations, just like that other boy from Tennessee.

The Friday night BBQ team

In about 30 minutes, we’re having a big BBQ for the FIM ‘dignitaries’ with all the fixin’s. These are the folks (fellow Minnesotans) who spent most of the day preparing the food.

Mike O'Donnell, Sean O'Donnell, Karen GarrettShaun O'Donnell and Mike O'Donnell

Left: Mike O’Donnell, head chef Shaun O’Donnell, and Karen Garrett.
Right: Shaun and his pappy!

Steve Ahlers arrives; does practically nothing

Bill Mathewson, Steve Ahlers, Hub Brennan Here’s a smiling fellow Minnesotan, Steve Ahlers, veteran organizer of three Wagner Cups at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN earlier this decade. (That’s RITC’s Bill Mathewson and Hub Brennan with him).

Steve remarked how much he enjoys coming to World Rounds, having no organizational responsibilities whatsoever.  He still volunteers, though. He’s checking a section on Saturday.

The gatekeepers

Joe Terry and Steve Dapp Joe Terry

Left: ‘Papa’ Joe Terry and Steve Dapp spent all day at the gate today, selling tickets and, despite strict FIM rules against it, occasionally fraternizing with the customers (right photo).

David Davis does it all

David Davis USGP banner David Davis  
Everywhere I go, I see David Davis working on some project. Last night, it was the huge FIM banner in the TTC HQ.

A fashion show

The new TTC HQ will have all the lastest fashionable trials-related clothing for sale.

Becky Melton and Carey Roberts Becky Melton and friend Becky Melton and friend Becky Melton and friend

Volunteers Becky Melton and Carey Roberts dolled up the manikins yesterday for the window display.

Rhode Island Trials Club tech inspector team

ritc-techteam The tech inspector team from the Rhode Island Trials Club did the inspections this morning. I’ll have a photo album/slideshow shortly but here’s the team (click photo to enlarge):

L to R: Dave Aldo, Jim Grabbert, Carl "Coach" Swanson, Jeff Salois, Bill Bonneau, Hub Brennan, Bill Mathewson, Jim Watson.

Signs and banners crew

To supplement the photos, text, and video on the Directions page, we put up signs and banners this morning at various points between the freeway and the TTC.

 Tim Cash and John Haywood John Haywood Tim Cash and John Haywood Tim Cash and John Haywood
Left: Tim Cash and John Haywood, elite class sign installation engineers.
Right: We planted Sherco and GasGas banners in many spots.